Holiday Injuries Happen, and We're Here to Help

Whether you’re heading out to celebrate the holidays with loved ones or you’re staying home to prepare the meal, you’re not exempt from holiday-related injuries. The risks of injury or worse may be related to:

Learn what to expect to avoid injury and have a wonderful and safe holiday season. But in case something does happen, you want to know you have quality urgent care nearby. At Liberty Medical Services, we offer urgent care under the direction of Dr. Phillip R. Baldeo, so we can help you get back to enjoying the season.

Food and drinking accidents

One problem area we see every holiday season is excess eating and drinking. Too much of either can put you in the ER for a number of reasons.

With food, the common issues are eating too much salt, sugar, and cholesterol. Too much salt increases your risk of hypertension, too much sugar can cause or complicate diabetes, and too much cholesterol-laden food can lead to heart problems. And overeating generally increases your risk of obesity, which compounds all of the issues. 

There’s also the risk of food poisoning from improperly prepared food and choking if someone eats too much too fast or swallows a bone or other item. 

You’re certainly aware of the dangers of driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, but there are other dangers: injuries from falling or getting into alcohol-induced fights and the risk of alcohol poisoning.

Cooking accidents

When you’re preparing a feast for a big gathering this season, a few things can go wrong, including:

Decorating accidents

As bizarre as it may sound, injuries sustained while decorating trees or putting up holiday lights are very common. Around 15,000 people visit the ER every year due to very preventable accidents.

Falls from ladders are also very common, so be careful when putting up trees and holiday lights. These falls can result in head injuries, with the potential for serious and even fatal consequences. 

And while you may enjoy using real candles and lighting a fire in the fireplace, be careful near trees and other flammable materials.

Accident prevention 

To avoid many of these preventable problems, follow some simple tips:

Commonsense thinking goes a long way to prevent injuries and ensure a safe holiday season. But if you need treatment for an injury or illness, contact us at Liberty Medical Services or stop by our clinic —  no appointment necessary.

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