An Annual Wellness Exam Is a Major Step in Preventing Illness and Ensuring Good Health

Some people only learn about annual wellness exams when they turn 65 and qualify for Medicare. However, an annual wellness exam is a fantastic option for individuals of all ages. You should take advantage of this opportunity. These exams allow you to have a one-on-one discussion with your primary physician, so you can create or update a personalized prevention plan that'll help you stay healthy long-term.

Dr. Philip R. Baldeo and the rest of us at Liberty Medical Services are happy to discuss the importance of an annual wellness exam with you and answer any of your questions.

What is an annual wellness exam?

Many people get an annual wellness exam and an annual physical confused, but they're not the same thing. A physical is similar to a check-up where your doctor ensures everything is normal with your basic bodily functions. An annual wellness exam is a little different. It’s more of a conversation where you and your doctor can discuss your family history, your health, and your treatment plans moving forward. 

You can usually discuss prevention ideas as well, such as if you're at risk for developing certain disorders but haven’t yet. During the appointment, your doctor will also check your weight, blood pressure, and cognitive abilities to make sure everything is normal. 

What’s the point of an annual wellness exam?

According to Today’s Caregiver, Medicare offers a free annual wellness exam once a year to all patients covered under its program. The goals of the visit are to prevent health problems in the future while painting a clear picture of your overall health risks.

When you show up at your doctor’s office for an annual wellness exam, it’s important to bring a list of any medications and supplements you're currently taking, as well as your immunization records and the names of your healthcare providers.

Annual wellness exams prevent illness

Are you still not convinced these visits are helpful? Think about this: You and your doctor are able to sit down and discuss any and all risks associated with your health. If your parents had high blood pressure, your doctor can discuss your risk of becoming hypertensive and give you suggestions to help avoid this problem.

Annual wellness exams keep us healthy

An annual wellness exam helps patients get closer to their doctors and receive one-of-a-kind care and advice they might not normally get. This is just one reason these exams keep us healthy. In addition, they cause us to focus on our daily habits and they allow us to have an updated record of our health every year.

Can I get an annual wellness exam?

Even if you're not currently on Medicare, you might still want to receive an annual wellness exam. After all, this is a great option to help you stay on top of your mental and physical health in a noninvasive way. It also helps you build a better rapport with your doctor.

Call 718-928-9514 to find out if your insurance will cover a wellness exam with Dr. Baldeo. You can also book an appointment online at your earliest convenience.

Don’t wait to get your wellness exam; it's a great step you can take to ensure a healthier life tomorrow.

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