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Why Would I Need a Sonogram?

Whether you have a torn ligament, are pregnant, or dealing with a chronic health condition, chances are your doctor will order an ultrasound. The resulting sonogram image provides your doctor with an abundance of critical information.

Nov 1st, 2019
Most Common Types of Chronic Illnesses

Are you or people you know and love living with chronic illness? It might surprise you to find out what is classified as a chronic illness — it doesn’t mean you always act or look sick, but it does mean your life is impacted daily.

Sep 3rd, 2019
The Essential Vaccines Every Adult Should Have

Don’t wait until it’s too late — vaccinate! Learn more about the essential vaccines that every adult should have to ensure you avoid preventable illness and have a safe and healthy life.

Jul 1st, 2019
What to Expect From an EKG

When it comes to health issues related to your heart, you want answers quickly. An electrocardiogram (EKG) is a quick and painless in-office test that can provide the answers you need

May 30th, 2019